ZALA TV content is changing

Dear subscribers!

On September 28, test broadcasting of the “PENTHOUSEPASSION” television channel (button - 145) will be started in the additional thematic package “Nochnoy” ZALA IPTV, extended packages ZALA IPTV and the basic package “Kanapa TV” SMART ZALA.

On October 1, the “Anecdote TV” channel (button - 97) will be included in the extended and basic ZALA IPTV packages and the basic “Kanapa TV” package SMART ZALA in test mode.

On September 29, the broadcast of the test television channels “Nano” and “AIVA” will be ceased. On October 1, the broadcast of the television channel “Phoenix Plus Kino” will be ceased.

“PENTHOUSEPASSION” is an American television channel exclusively for the adult audience from the world famous men's magazine.

Anecdote TV is an entertaining humorous television channel. Jokes, funny stories and a whole sea of positive emotions. With the television channel “Anecdote TV” you will always be on the wave of excellent mood.

Pleasant viewing!

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