Beltelecom summed up the results of 2020

For the Republican Unitary Enterprise Beltelecom, 2020 was an anniversary year - the company turned 25 years old. For a quarter of a century, the national telecommunication operator has been an agent for innovations and provided opportunities for the use of modern telecommunication services to the state, society, private and corporate clients.

In 2020, RUE Beltelecom's efforts were focused on creating a digital infrastructure; the construction of fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL) based on GPON technology continued. The enterprise has fully provided all settlements of the country consisting of 100 or more households with a fiber-optic cable access. At present, networks are being built to settlements with the number of households from 50 to 100 - more than 56% of them already have a fiber-optic cable access. The fiber-optic distribution network is also being implemented in residential areas, primarily in regional centers and cities of economic growth with more than 80 thousand inhabitants, taking into account the demand for high-speed communication services.

The advantages of a modern network are, first of all, the speed and quality of services. The ongoing modernization makes it possible to provide an equally high service level to both residents of cities and small villages.

Over the past year, 5,911.7 km of fiber-optic communication lines were built and put into operation. The number of GPON subscribers increased by 155.5 thousand and reached 2.74 million.The number of IMS platform subscribers reached 3.61 million, broadband subscribers - 2.7 million, ZALA television subscribers - 2.44 million.

In 2020, in accordance with the wishes of users, two new tariff plans appeared in the YASNA line - YASNA 100 Comfort and YASNA 100 Videocontrol. All package offers include Internet access services, unlimited telephony within the Beltelecom network with CLIP number identification, as well as ZALA television using IPTV or SMART technologies. Tariff plans can be supplemented with access to public Wi-Fi points of RUE Beltelecom, terrestrial television, Smart Home and Video Surveillance services, World of Tanks game bonuses and other services.

The past year was marked by an important event for RUE Beltelecom - the enterprise successfully tested the 5G network. The presentation on the results of the test run took place in January 2021. The new technology was tested in two pilot zones. The first location was deployed in the industrial park Great Stone, the second - in Kopyl district. Testing allowed us to investigate all aspects of the implementation of 5G in real conditions of urban infrastructure and rural areas, to assess the potential in the industrial and subscriber segments. Together with partners, such digital solutions as convergence of fixed and mobile communications, use of robotic devices, unmanned vehicles, etc. were demonstrated. Having successfully completed testing, Beltelecom is ready for the practical implementation of the 5G networks in our country.

In September 2020, YASNAe TV channel celebrated its first birthday. Today YASNAe TV is in the top 20 viewers' preferences on ZALA platform. The channel's hallmark is rating feature films, sports broadcasts, as well as programs of its own production dedicated to football, hockey, and e-sports. The project "In the Public Domain" with Yuri Groerov" about IT sphere and the world of innovations deserves special attention.

Summing up the results of 2020, the social projects to which the company pays special attention should be noted. By the beginning of the summer recreation season, a new amphitheater was opened at the Rodnichok children camp. Large-scale reconstruction of the recreation complex will allow organizing active summer holidays and realizing any creative ideas.

Another Beltelecom social project is the Holiday of Our Yard Together with YASNA. The large-scale republican campaign began three years ago. During this time, children's playgrounds, multifunctional sports grounds and bicycle parking have been installed in more than 40 cities of the country. On the opening day of the sites, Beltelecom traditionally invites local residents to big family holidays.

Beltelecom has built the most extensive fiber-optic infrastructure in the country and is the leader in this area. Versatility, reliability, the best value for money - these are the main advantages of the company's services. Clients appreciate the individual approach, high service and ability to implement any turnkey telecommunications project. The values underlying the Beltelecom brand are quality, technological effectiveness and innovation. Thus, the company successfully completed 2020 and continues to work to make modern communication services available in every corner of our country.

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