ZALA starts broadcasting new TV channels

Dear subscribers!

From June 7, as part of the basic and extended packages of interactive television ZALA, as well as in the package "Kanapa TV" SMART ZALA, test broadcasting of new TV channels has been organized.

The popular science TV channel "Unknown Planet" broadcasts informative, educational, documentary films. You can find out about the mysteries of nature, human superpowers and art history on the button 109.

The masterpieces of the world classical cinema are presented by the TV channel "Movie Classic" (button 147). The collection includes films included in the lists of the best according to the world's leading critics and film historians.

As part of the additional thematic package "Nochnoy", extended packages ZALA IPTV and the basic package "Kanapa TV" SMART ZALA, the broadcast of the TV channel "Erox" began today.

On the resumption of the TV channels broadcasting

On June 7, in connection with the receipt of broadcasting permits, the broadcasting of the Kinomix and KHL TV channels resumed in the basic and extended interactive television packages ZALA and SMART ZALA. The Kinomix TV channel has also appeared as a part of the ZALA broadcast TV packages "Standard TV" and "Air ZALA: All Inclusive".

We wish you a pleasant viewing!

We would also like to inform you that on June 7, the test broadcast of the Kinosvidanie and Animal Family TV channels stopped in the interactive television packages ZALA and SMART ZALA. The Nashe Kino TV channel was excluded from the basic and extended packages of ZALA terrestrial television.


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