City in a smartphone: “My City” mobile application launched in Myadel

Myadel has become another city in the Minsk region, which appeared in the mobile application “My City (Belarus)”. Now the digital platform is successfully operating in 15 cities of Belarus and is gaining more and more popularity.

The mobile application “My City” has accumulated the most necessary information for residents and guests of the Myadel region: city events, important news, promotions, discounts, surveys. Almost all organizations of the district are already represented on the resource. For user’s convenience they are structured by type of activity: city administration, active recreation and tourism, health and sports, education.

Thanks to the “My City” mobile application, citizens receive a modern way of communication that allows them to save time and comfortably solve many daily tasks. It provides an opportunity to quickly and conveniently receive information about the location of banks, pharmacies, restaurants, shops and other infrastructure. The application also contains information about local attractions, museums, parks and other interesting places.

The main feature of the platform is the possibility of feedback from all project participants. Citizens will be able to make an appointment with the city executive committee, government agency or school, find out the opening hours of shops and cafes, call an emergency team, schedule a visit to a beauty salon or service station, and much more. In addition, users will always be aware of city events thanks to the news section.

The new app is yet another example of how digital technologies can improve people's quality of life and make a city more attractive for living and tourism.

The application “My city (Belarus)” is available for download in the App Store and Google PlayThe list of cities connected to the application is presented here.

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