Everything is under control: Beltelecom connected 100,000 cameras of Video surveillance

Beltelecom connected the 100,000th camera of the Video surveillance service. It was installed in the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital.

On March 30, Director General of RUE “Beltelecom” Yuri Petruchenya presented the Honorary Subscriber certificate and a gift from the company to Alexander Linkevich, the head doctor of the healthcare institution.

Yuri Petruchenya noted that Beltelecom and the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital have long-standing partnerships:

It is especially pleasant that today we share the success with the staff of the clinic. Our cooperation is based on an integrated approach to the introduction of new technologies and services. First, we built a reliable telecommunications infrastructure, and then implemented a number of digital projects, including a large-scale Videocontrol network. I am sure that the joint efforts of the telecom operator and the regional hospital will help improve the quality and accessibility of medical services for our citizens.

Honoring jubilee subscribers has become a good tradition of Beltelecom. The Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital received a 75-inch LG TV from the company. Such a gift was not chosen by chance: on the big screen, experts demonstrated the operation of the situational center, which allows real-time analysis of information from video cameras. The TV is also useful for video conferencing and remote meetings with colleagues.

The network of “Video surveillance” in the healthcare facility has more than 250 cameras. In agreement with the management, they are placed at various hospital facilities, inside and outside buildings.

“Video surveillance” is provided as a completely ready-made service - from consideration of an individual request to full technical implementation. The user gets round-the-clock access to real-time video or to archive records.

Digital services create a single ecosystem in the clinic, which allows for more efficient delivery of medical care. Reliable Internet makes it possible to exchange data and quickly find the information you need. Thanks to the cloud-based PBX, no call goes unanswered. With a Wi-Fi network, doctors can always be in touch, and patients can comfortably communicate with their families. In addition, the clinic uses ZALA television and fixed telephone communication.

The advantages of Beltelecom are unique competencies, extensive experience and an individual approach. Each client will be offered the optimal solution here, provided with a set of equipment and provided with round-the-clock technical support. In total, the company's assets include more than 70 modern services that specialists implement on a turnkey basis in the shortest possible time.

Individuals and legal entities can use Video surveillance. You can get detailed information and connect the Video surveillance service on the website vc.beltelecom.by or by calling 123 (toll-free).