ZALA IPTV and SMART ZALA launched test broadcasting of new TV channels

Dear subscribers!

On June 9, 2020, in the basic and extended packages of interactive television ZALA, as well as within "Kanapa TV" package of SMART ZALA, test broadcasting of the TV channels "Movie TV", "EPOQUE" and "MIR 24" is launched.

Enjoy your viewing!

"Movie TV" is a fairly new Russian television channel, which broadcasts films of various genres of Russian and foreign production.

"EPOQUE" is a scientific and educational television channel. Its main content consists of educational and historical programs. Viewers are introduced to fashionable persons, specifics of cultural development, hallmarks of different eras.

"MIR 24" is the representative office of Interstate TV and Radio Company (ITRC) "Mir" in the Republic of Belarus. The channel programs demonstrate various aspects of the socio-political and cultural life of Belarusians.

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