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Beltelecom is the largest telecommunications operator in the Republic of Belarus, the leader on the market of data transmission, Internet access, telephony and IPTV. Beltelecom has a powerful Republican infrastructure and backbone network of fiber-optic communication lines (FOLS) with access to 5 neighboring countries (Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland).

The Company ensures transmission of long distance and international traffic, as well as the operation of the terrestrial network of television and radio broadcasting channels. For organization of international satellite communication channels the Satellite Earth Stations Complex Teleport is operated.

Beltelecom provides for the lease international digital streams and channels nearly of all capacity, ensures equal conditions for operation of the mobile operators of the Republic of Belarus by connecting them to the international exchange, and provides long distance and international roaming.

Beltelecom is a flagman for the implementation of new telecommunications technologies in the Republic of Belarus. Beltelecom has extensive Wi-Fi network for all over the country.

The subscriber base of fixed network of the Company is 4 million 290 thousand subscribers.

The Brand portfolio of the Company consists of its own brand Beltelecom, represented by telephony, data transmission, hosting and other services, as well as the brands byfly (broadband internet access) and ZALA (interactive television IPTV and digital terrestrial television).

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