Yuri Petruchenya

General Director

Overall management of RUE "Beltelecom" in accordance with the Company Charter. 

Coordination of financial and economic activity, tariffs, labor and salary, regulatory questions, structural organization and personnel policy, statistical analysis, international relations and accounting, civil defense, mobilization preparation and preparedness of the enterprises.

Gennady Melnikov

Deputy  Director General for Construction Issues 

Organizes the design, construction, reconstruction of telecommunication facilities, the timely commissioning of production facilities and social facilities. Approves plans of current and capital repairs.

Provides work on state property management, operational and transport security, the protection of objects of communication.

Tatiana Danshina

Deputy Director General for Economic Issues

Management by means of realization of common economic policy, ensuring production efficiency of the enterprise’s branches, identification and utilization of production reserves to the effect of maximum economic benefits.

Coordination of organizational development, formulation of regulatory references and recommendations on improvement of staff standards; introduction of norms, corresponding to current state of art, labor and production management, aimed at reduction of labor intensity, increase in material incentive of the personnel to improve production efficiency.

Vadim Shaibakov

Deputy Director General for Technical Issues

Implementation of common engineering policy on telecommunications development with the objective of foundation of managerial and engineering unity in operation. Operation of development of primary/secondary network and data transmission network, project expertise, technological-process automation, IT matters, laying down modernization programmes.

Participation in intersectoral coordination of development of information networks in terms of using in them hardware and telesoftware of data communication, integration of computerized systems of different level and application, foundation of sharable database. Control of development schemes of telecommunication means with due regard to their interaction with overseas telecommunication networks. Coordination of subsidiaries’ activities concerning these matters.

Sergey Turomsha

Deputy Director General for Commercial Issues

Marketing issues and provision of telecommunication services to the customers. Defining the key directions of the fee policy, sales strategy, the ways of improvement and promotion to the market of communication services. 

Development and implementation of the methods and programs on public relations. Consideration of proposals, statements and complaints, relating provision of telecommunications services. Organization of the work on international settlements for the services of the telecommunication services. Coordination of the work of the branches and organizations concerning these issues.