Video surveillance

No need to spend time and money to choose and buy a video surveillance system - Beltelecom offers a turnkey “Video surveillance” service.

Do you want to know what happens in the porch while you are not at home, want to be sure that your car is in the parking, want to feel secure about your child who plays in the playground? You started to study video surveillance systems, thought about which camera to buy and how to install video surveillance yourself?

An excellent option for you is the “Video surveillance” service of Beltelecom. Our experts will offer you the best turnkey solution. This means that you do not have to spend money to buy a video surveillance camera, and time to install a video surveillance kit. All installation work is carried out by Beltelecom, and video surveillance cameras are provided free of charge for the duration of the contract.

The service “Video surveillance” gives residents the opportunity to:

  • at any time, connect to the “Video surveillance” system and see what is happening on the territory of the house or in the porch;
  • if necessary, view records from the archive for 30 days;
  • view videos online or in the archive via the Internet anywhere in the world;
  • view video information using a specially designed application for any device - computers, tablets and mobile phones with the Android or iOS operating system.

In addition to monitoring the condition of the local area, the installation of a video surveillance system is a “prevention” of illegal actions. Video recording from a surveillance camera can be used to create an evidence base in conflict situations, as it is considered to be obtained in accordance with applicable law (in places where the camera was installed, appropriate warning signs are mandatory).

Service Features

To install video cameras in an apartment building, the consent of a simple majority of apartment owners is required. Beltelecom carries out a survey of a residential building and a house adjoining territory and constructs a video surveillance system, ensures its round-the-clock operation, transmission of information via secure channels to the "cloud" and user support.

After installing the video cameras, the user has the opportunity to activate the “Video surveillance” service in one of the following ways:

Download for Android.

Download for iOS.

Information note on connecting the service using the application on the mobile device and web application.

More details about the conditions for the provision of the “Video surveillance” service can be found in the Procedure for the provision of services.

Tariffs for the service “Video surveillance” for individuals:

Introduced from January 25, 2020
Name Tariffs including value added tax, rubles
1. Subscription fee for access to the “Video surveillance” service, per month 5,0


  1. In accordance with the current legislation, tariffs for video surveillance services provided to individuals (except for individual entrepreneurs) are set with value added tax.
  2. In accordance with the current legislation, tariffs for video surveillance services provided to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are set without value added tax. Value added tax is levied according to the law.
  3. The video surveillance service is provided subject to technical availability.
  4. The subscription fee set at position 1 includes the cost of online video surveillance services and access to recorded video information for 30 days (without the possibility of downloading video information), regardless of the number of cameras available for viewing.
  5. When providing a video surveillance service, one subscriber is provided with one set of essential elements.

For subscribers of the “Yasna” and “Semeyny” packages, a coefficient of 0.5 is applied to the subscription fee for access to the video surveillance service.