International Telephone Service

You can make a long distance or international call from any telephone set anywhere in the country::

  • telephone sets in enterprises, institutions, organizations, trade companies, joint ventures and foreign companies (on a prepayment or credit basis);
  • home telephone sets (on credit to be later paid against an invoice);
  • telephone sets in hotels, sanatoria, and holiday homes (on credit provided that there is an agreement made with telecommunications entity available);
  • community access centers (cash payment);
  • payphones (prepaid telephone cards).

You can reach a person needed by using automatic long distance and international services or by booking a call via operator..

For automatic connection, you must know: Trunk code, Country code and city code, Called person telephone number.

To make a call from Minsk to a person in Munich (Germany), proceed as follows:

8–10–49–89 + telephone number in Munich,
where 8— is a trunk code followed by a ringing tone;
10— is an international code;
49— is a country code for Germany;
89— is a city code for Munich.