Directory-Inquiry Service

109 - Directory-Inquiry service on telephone numbers of apartments and organizations 
Information on telephone numbers of residential and business sectors (complete or incomplete data should be provided).

130 - Call Centre Customer Service (free service) 
Information about services provided by Beltelecom: description of Beltelecom`s services, ways of getting services, address information, phone numbers and opening hours of Beltelecom`s sales departments and public access points.

153 - Information on Trunk and International Dialing Codes (free service) 
Information on trunk and international dialing codes, dialing procedures and tariffs to access long-distance and international network

164 - Information Regarding Payment for Telephone Services (free service) 
Information about the total amount payable for telecommunications services, the subscription fee, the amount for the services of local, long distance, international communication, the amount for the services of outsourcing organizations.

The 166 service gives subscribers a range of various services: acceptance of telegrams over the telephone, alarm clock, acceptance of text messages, acceptance of advertisements from people to come under the headings of "Teletext", acceptance of private advertisements, acceptance of musical congratulations for the First Music Channel, acceptance of advertisements from private individuals for placement on the Internet at the address

174 - Information on the Telecommunication Services Rendered in Minsk
The service provides detailed information regarding connection routes broken down by countries and localities of the republic, connections with subscribers of mobile networks and the Internet.

190 - GorInfoServis 
The service is designed to provide various information for the public as follows: schedule of citizens` reception and office hours of government agencies and services, social services (pension formalization, state benefits), property rights: real estate, motor transport, formalization of heirdom (the list of documents and tariffs), etc.

193 - Recreation and Entertainment 
Information on the repertory of theaters, ticket prices, hours of performances, as well as the working hours, cost of services of urban parks, exhibitions, galleries, sports, computer, billiard and Internet clubs, saunas, casinos, and information about night shops and discos.

199 - Inquiry Service on Emergency Telephone Numbers (free service) 
Inquiry Service on telephone numbers of emergency, special and medical services providing life-support system of the city.

110 Service 
«This service allows a subscriber to receive various information: finance, transportation, medicine, entertainment, etc.