Value-Added Services

Depending on the exchange technical capabilities, EATE subscribers may use the following value-added services:

Immediate Forwarding

Immediate forwarding allows you to answer all the calls coming to your phone. Leaving the house, you can redirect all incoming calls from your home phone to the phone at your new location.

Parallel Forwarding

Parallel forwarding is convenient in that all incoming calls arrive simultaneously on two numbers: yours and the one you programmed. It helps not to miss a single incoming call

Call Forwarding on Auto Informer

The service enables you to limit incoming calls for a certain time, i.e. any caller will hear some short message such as "The number is temporarily unavailable. Call back later.

Call Forwarding Busy

Call Forwarding Busy

Call Forwarding if not Answered

This service enables you to redirect all incoming calls to another number if you do not lift the receiver for a long time or if there is no one to answer the call.

Fixed Call Forwarding

With fixed call forwarding, you need to specify in the application to the operator the permanent forwarding number to which calls will be received. The forwarding number can be changed through the ATE operator.

Notification of new incoming call

The service enables you to receive a call from another subscriber when you are talking over the phone.

White/black list for outgoing calls

You can make use of the service "white/black list" for outgoing calls, when you want to temporarily prohibit calls to certain numbers (group of numbers) from your phone.

Outgoing Call Restriction

This service enables you at any time to prohibit certain types of communication, e.g. long distance and international.

Temporary Prohibition of Incoming Calls

The service enables you to completely prohibit incoming calls. At the same time you can make calls without restrictions.

Conference Call

The service "Conference Call" enables you to communicate with up to three people simultaneously, regardless of where they are physically located.

Wake Up Service (Alarm clock)

"Alarm clock" will ring at the scheduled time and wake you up at any time of the day, remind you of upcoming important event, meeting, etc.

Abbreviated Dialing

Using “Abbreviated Dialing”, you can assign one- two digit short numbers to full telephone numbers.

Connection without Dialing

This service enables you to connect with a predetermined subscriber without dialing. If you lift the receiver and do not dial for 5-10 seconds, the phone itself will automatically dial the programmed number

Call Transfer

“Call Transfer” enables you to quickly transfer the incoming call to another subscriber.

Provision of Inquiry During the Phone Call

Using this service, during phone call, you may connect to another number and receive all necessary information, and thereafter return to the delayed talk.

Value added services (VAS) will help save time, ensure cost control, prevent unauthorized use of your phone, create more comforts for you and your family at home and at work. Range of value-added services can easily be corrected by reprogramming them for a few minutes.

To reduce dialing time, as well as to eliminate errors when establishing a connection, you may use the "tone dialing" function. Tone dialing is also required for using value-added services. This feature is available to EATE subscribers and is activated without additional charge.