Beltelecom RUE Quality Policy

The strategic goal of the enterprise in the field of quality is timely and complete satisfaction of demand for modern and affordable services to ensure the competitiveness and economic efficiency of the enterprise.

To achieve the strategic goal, the enterprise sets the following tasks:

  • to create a sustainable digital space for high-quality provision of services, to eliminate the digital divide among residents of the state;
  • to maintain a leading position in the domestic telecommunications market through the introduction of new services, high quality of services provided and customer service, the use of innovative technologies and effective market strategies.

Principles used to fulfill the set tasks:

  • maintaining and constantly improving the quality management system, applying a process approach and risk-oriented thinking;
  • taking management decisions to ensure efficient and effective operation of the enterprise, ensuring leadership of personnel at all levels of the enterprise, full involvement of personnel in quality improvement processes;
  • increasing the competencies of the enterprise’s personnel, ensuring cohesive teamwork, ensuring a high level of working conditions and motivation, recognizing the personal merits of employees, remuneration for their contribution to the development of the enterprise and improving the quality management system;
  • systematic analysis of current and future consumer requirements, consumer satisfaction with the quality of services provided;
  • building mutually beneficial relationships with partners and suppliers at the national and international levels;
  • participation in governmental social projects.

The top management of RUE Beltelecom undertakes to consistently follow the stated principles, assumes responsibility for the effective management of the enterprise, creation of the necessary organizational conditions, allocation of financial, human and material resources.

Director General Y.N.Petruchenya