Politics RUE Beltelecom

Beltelecom RUE Quality Policy

The strategic goal of RUE Beltelecom – is to ensure long-term competitiveness and improve economic efficiency of the company by the timely and fully supply for the demand for modern and affordable telecommunications services.

To achieve the strategic goal, RUE Beltelecom sets the following tasks:

  • to provide telecommunication services of high quality, constantly extending the range of the services provided;
  • to extend and upgrade production facilities of the enterprise on the basis of the latest technologies;
  • to decrease power-intensity of the enterprise;
  • to ensure healthy and safe labour conditions, avert dangers, and minimize production risks;
  • to maintain and develop personnel of the enterprise.

The principles used to fulfill the set tasks:

  • ensuring the effective functioning of the quality management system, energy saving control system and labour safety management system and their continuous improvement;
  • customer-orientation when introducing new services and upgrading the existing ones;
  • introduction of advanced energy-saving technologies, constant monitoring of the consumption of fuel and energy resources;
  • constant monitoring of labour safety state, ensuring the conformity of labour conditions and safety with the protection requirements established;
  • involvement of all staff in the processes of improving quality of the services provided, energy efficiency and labour safety;
  • constant development of vocational competence of the personnel, appreciation of personal merits of employees.

The top management of RUE Beltelecom intends to consistently follow the stated principles, call on all staff to do this and undertakes:

  • to ensure effective management of the enterprise, to create the necessary organizational conditions, highlighting the financial, technical, human and material resources;
  • to remunerate the enteprise's employees for their contribution to the development of high quality services and improvement of the quality management system, energy saving control system and labour safety management system.