Beltelecom offers convenient solutions for a modern office

Beltelecom is ready to fully satisfy the needs of a modern office, business and production in telecommunication services. Digital products and solutions will help legal entities and individual entrepreneurs increase the efficiency of business processes in any field.

And they can be bought in one package - it is profitable and convenient.

The package of services "Business Case 100" is an excellent solution for a successful business. It includes popular services that will help organize work in a modern office.

Within the framework of the "Business Case 100" package, the subscriber will be able to use:

  • unlimited access to the Internet at speeds up to 100 Mbit / s for reception and up to 50 Mbit / s for transmission;
  • a telephone connection based on the IMS platform under the conditions of an unlimited number of connections in the Beltelecom network for two numbers with CLIP service and additional services (abbreviated dialing, all types of call forwarding, call waiting, barring of some types of outgoing communication, password code change, temporary incoming call barring, reminder service, call transfer, dial-free connection, secretary, conference calling);
  • ZALA television using SMART technology under the terms of the «Kanapa TV» tariff plan.

By connecting the “Business Case 35” package, the subscriber will be able to use unlimited Internet access at speeds up to 35 Mbps with the included anti-virus protection services for two personal computers (Kaspersky Internet Security software product). In addition, the client is provided with IMS-based telephony in two numbers with an unlimited number of connections in the Beltelecom network. For each number, the CLIP service and additional telephone services are provided.

The package also includes the basic set of the Smart Home service, which allows you to make work in the office comfortable and safe (subscriber unit (controller), smoke sensors, movement and opening doors / windows).

Please note that the services are provided subject to availability of technical capabilities, which can be specified by number 123. To connect the service packages, you must contact the service center of the company.

Beltelecom also offers a line of tariff plans for high-speed unlimited Internet access «Business Set». Depending on the needs, subscribers can choose the necessary tariff plan at a speed of 20 to 200 Mbps.

More information about modern telecommunication solutions for business can be found here.