Beltelecom organized a Wi-Fi network at the health resort center “Letsy”

The health resort center “Letsy” replenished the list of the health resorts of Vitebsk region, where Wi-Fi network from RUE Beltelecom is organized. Access points appeared at the halls of hydropatic, dormitory and administrative buildings.

The management of the health resort center accepted such a decision, as during the holidays people also need to check their e-mail, communicate with friends, connect with their relatives.

Vitebsk branch of RUE Beltelecom provided the same service to many other organizations of the region such as Vitebsk State Order of Peoples" Friendship Medical University, the football club “Vitebsk”, the hotel “Vetraz”, the recreation center “Krupenino” and etc.

Within the framework of the service “Provision of Wi-Fi network for use”, at the request of the customer our company creates Wi-Fi network with an individual name (SSID) and provides necessary equipment or connects the customer’s equipment to the authorization system of RUE Beltelecom. Our customer receives an access to the authorization portal and can perform it independently. The customer receives the necessary number of logins and passwords to access the network. The customer decides on what terms to provide access to Wi-Fi service (on a paid basis or free basis) to its clients.