Beltelecom summed up the results of 2019

RUE Beltelecom as the national telecommunication carrier provides communication technologies important for the state, society, private and corporate clients. The company is developing dynamically and holds a leading position on the telecommunications market of the Republic of Belarus.

In 2019, the potential of RUE Beltelecom was aimed at developing a modern telecommunication infrastructure. The construction of fiber-optic networks based on GPON technology continued, as well as the expansion of the multiservice network, broadband networks and pay-TV. Over the past year, the growth of the subscribers of the GPON network amounted to 386.7 thousand, and the total number of the subscribers connected to the GPON network reached 2.58 million. In 2019, 5465.2 km of the fiber-optic communication lines were built and commissioned into operation. The number of the subscribers of the IMS platform amounted to 3.37 million, the subscribers of the broadband access - 2.653 million, the subscribers of ZALA television - 2.26 million.

Based on the GPON network, the users are provided with services of a qualitatively new level. Along with the usual set - the Internet, television, telephony - the modern network allows to get a number of high-tech solutions. In total, the portfolio of the Company includes today more than 70 modern telecommunication services.

2019 was eventful. One of the most striking and memorable - II European Games. Beltelecom acted as the National partner of international competitions and is proud to be part of such a large-scale sports event.

In 2019, Beltelecom connected the millionth subscriber of YASNA service packages. This is a significant achievement for the company, the indicator of the quality and professionalism of the work of the entire team. The YASNA brand quickly gained recognition of Belarusian consumers and became one of the most successful projects of the company. Today, the YASNA line includes high-speed packages “YASNA 100”, “YASNA 100 SMART” and “YASNA 200”, “YASNA Gaming” and “YASNA Gaming SMART” with World of Tanks bonuses. All packages include Internet access services, unlimited telephony in the network of RUE Beltelecom with CLIP caller ID service, as well as ZALA television via IPTV or SMART technologies. Some offers include an access to the public Wi-Fi points of RUE Beltelecom, terrestrial television or the service “Smart Home”.

In September 2019, the television channel “YASNAe TV” was first aired. Having incorporated a particle of the YASNA family brand, the new channel offered content for the whole family - high-rated feature films of various genres, series, exciting sports competitions, including eSports tournaments. The channel also introduced the audience to the world of innovation and modern technology. The creative team “YASNAe TV” is working on the development of this area.

In 2019, the C ompany paid special attention to the solutions for business development. Beltelecom offers a wide range of modern turnkey telecommunication services to corporate clients. The services “Video control”, “Smart home”, “Internet access”, “Provision of Wi-Fi network for use”, “SMS-mailing”, package offers for legal entities of the “Business Case” line will help to increase the effectiveness of activity in any field.

The company successfully completed the year 2019. We see our further task not only in strengthening the position of the Company on the domestic and foreign markets, but also in the accelerated development of promising areas of the ICT sector. Our attention is focused on projects that will soon be in demand in the digital economy, implementation of solutions based on advanced technologies (fifth-generation 5G communication networks, the Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, etc.). Together with partners, we will continue to work on large-scale government projects: e-learning, telemedicine, smart transport, smart city and many others.