Beltelecom warns about fraud!

Dear subscribers!

Recently, cases of scammers acting on behalf of RUE Beltelecom have been recorded. The scammers call via various instant messengers (WhatsApp, Viber and others) and introduce themselves as employees of the Beltelecom company. Taking advantage of the trust of subscribers, under the pretext of the need to renew the contract, scammers offer to install or reinstall the My Beltelecom mobile application not from the official application store, but from the installation APK file sent by personal message to the messenger. Such a file is most likely malicious and after installing it (updating the application), the mobile device becomes under the control of a scammer.

Please note that in this way third parties can gain access to user data stored on the smartphone: SMS, personal correspondence in instant messengers and social networks, information about bank cards and passwords, etc. Scammers can also install third-party applications on a mobile device, use them to gain remote access to it, and sign up for banking and other services.

You can protect yourself from scammers by following simple precautions. If you receive a call or message of a similar dubious nature, please remember:

  • RUE Beltelecom employees never call via messengers;
  • if during the conversation you have any doubts, end the call and call back to the official telephone number of RUE Beltelecom - 123 (the unified customer service center);
  • even if the conversation seems realistic to you, do not take any actions suggested by scammers: do not install any applications from unreliable sources or sent to you as a file;
  • always pay attention to the access rights to phone functions requested by the application; all rights should be minimal and logically explicable;
  • if you are asked to call back to a dictated number, ignore this offer.

If you have suspicions that fraud has been committed or a scammer has already managed to use your data, immediately contact law enforcement authorities by calling 102 and report the fact of fraud and related information.

Be carefull!

More details in the video in our Telegram channel.