Beltelecom won the “People's Mark” award in three nominations

Beltelecom won the “People's Mark” consumer recognition award in three nominations at once. The announcement of the results of the competition and the awarding of the best brands of the country took place on December 8.

According to the results of an open vote, which was held in all regions of Belarus, Beltelecom was recognized as the leader in the nominations “Service Package of Internet Provider ” - “YASNA” trademark; “Online TV” and “Interactive TV” - ZALA trademark.

General Director of RUE Beltelecom Yuri Petruchenya:

- "People's Mark" is a particularly valuable award for us. For over 25 years we have been working to make modern telecommunication services available in every corner of the country. Our brands YASNA and ZALA have been on the market for many years. They are in demand and, in fact, have long been "popular". We value this trust very much! Therefore, we firmly hold the bar for the quality and availability of services - we do everything possible to ensure that our clients stay with us for many years.

The awarding of the People's Mark Prize is a good New Year's Eve tradition. At the end of the year, the best enterprises receive prestigious awards as proof of successful work and consumer recognition.

YASNA brand took first place in the Internet Provider Service Package nomination. The service packages of the YASNA line include three main services necessary for comfort and full-fledged communication: Internet, telephone communication and television.By the way, this is one of the youngest and most successful brands of the company - in the spring it turned five years old. “YASNA” means Internet speed up to 200 Mbit/s, interactive, terrestrial or SMART television, unlimited telephony within the Beltelecom network, “Videocontrol” and other services. Clients have 15 options for service packages. Latest offer of this year - “film” packages with access to online cinemas ivi, MEGOGO and Convenience also lies in the fact that all services are combined into one contract and there is no need to pay for each separately.

ZALA brand won in the nominations Online TV and Interactive TV. ZALA combines interactive, terrestrial and Internet television from Beltelecom. Interactive TV allows you to control TV channels - pause, watch programs previously aired, get acquainted with the program and more. And with SMART ZALA, your favorite programs are available wherever the Internet is. Digital quality, a wide selection of channels, the presence of thematic packages of different genres have determined the success of ZALA among viewers. In 2021, Beltelecom improved the ZALA IPTV platform, significantly expanding its functionality. Thanks to the modernization, subscribers got access to online cinemas, Youtube, social networks, cameras of the Videocontrol service. New services have been added: payment for the current service by QR code, built-in games, etc.

It is not the first time that Beltelecom has become a laureate of the “People's Mark” award, which is a real recognition in the conditions of rather tough competition on the market. This year Beltelecom presented a new and already successful direction - retail trade. And this means that one more groundwork has been created for the next big victories.

The “People's Mark” of Belarus is an annual nationwide award that determines the country's leading brands through an open vote of the population in the media.