Buy virtual phone cards on the website of RUE Beltelecom

You can buy virtual service calling cards (VSTK) on the Beltelecom website. Such prepaid cards allow you to make profitable calls within the city, long distance or abroad, both from a mobile phone and from any landline phone (even with a closed "8") or payphone.

Telephone connections are charged for 30 seconds. The denominations of virtual cards are 2000, 4000, 8000, 16000, 30,000 tariff units.

The client can make calls using a PIN-code in automatic mode with prompts from an autoinformer or through an operator.

Numbers for communication with an autoinformer/operator:

- for Russian-speaking subscribers: 176, 8-805-100-4040, 8-805-100-4242, 375 (17) 209-26-96;

- for English-speaking subscribers: 8-805-100-2020, 375 (17) 209-26-95.

Orders on the site are processed around the clock. The client can buy an unlimited number of virtual cards.

To purchase * VSTK of the desired denomination, you must enter your mobile phone number, e-mail address and click the "Pay" button. After paying with a bank card, the client receives an SMS-message with a PIN-code and the validity period of the virtual card is 2 years from the date of purchase. An electronic check for payment is sent to e-mail. After the expiration of the validity period, the VSTK is blocked. The balance of funds is not refundable.

Order virtual service calling cards and always stay in touch with your family and friends, colleagues and partners!

Detailed information about the new service can be found here.

* The technical possibility of ordering VSTK is available to subscribers of cellular mobile telecommunication operators of the Republic of Belarus after payment by credit card.