Introducing the new “YASNA 100 Comfort” Service Package

On April 20, 2020, “YASNA 100 Comfort” replenished the range of popular service packages.

It includes the following services:

- Internet access at the speed of 100 Mbps for reception and 50 Mbps for transmission, as well as unlimited access to public Wi-Fi points of RUE Beltelecom using valid details (login and password);

- Interactive television ZALA on the terms of the tariff plan “ZALA: All inclusive”;

- Telephony service with an unlimited number of telephone connections in the network of RUE Beltelecom and the additional CLIP service;

- Service “Smart home”.

A feature of the package is a new approach to the implementation of the “Smart Home” service, which provides for the subscriber the opportunity to select sensors (except for the video camera) that will be included in the basic service package. The included devices can be either different or of the same type. Previously, only a certain set of sensors was included in the basic package of services: a motion sensor, a door (window) opening sensor, and a smoke sensor.

We also inform you that the “YASNA 50” service package is sent to the archive from April 20, 2020. This means that the current subscribers of this package can continue to use it, however, new subscribers will not be able to sign to it.