Meet a new television season on the YASNAe TV channel

In September, the next television season starts on YASNAe TV channel. Updated film collections, sports and analytical programs, information digests, new presenters and, of course, outstanding guests in the studios. Viewers will see all this already next week!

On September 2, the project “In the Public Domain” is back on the air. It will be hosted by Alexander Serebrennikov. The creative team tried to change the project as much as possible, while not changing the previous concept. As before, program participants will talk about technologies that are changing our lives. Meet with the world of innovation every Thursday at 21:00.

The format of sports programs “Clearly about mini-football”, “Clearly about esports”, “Clearly about hockey” will also be updated. The weekly projects already known to the audience will tell about the most memorable sporting events, but the presentation of the material will become more dynamic. Even more reports, interviews, analysts, behind-the-scenes shots.

“Clearly about hockey” - sports information and analytical program. Maximum and objective examination of the hockey life in Belarus, interviews with top players and coaches, tour reviews and match reports. Every Sunday at 21.00.

“Clearly about esport” is an infotainment program. Meeting with the best representatives of the cyber industry, advice for novice esports players, reviews of past tournaments and announcements of upcoming ones. The project is a combination of a youtube show with a familiar television format. Watch on Saturdays at 21.00.

“Clearly about mini-football” – sports infotainment program. Reports from the best matches, interviews with iconic persons of the futsal world, the “behind-the-scenes” life of clubs, as well as an analysis of the nuances of the game. Tuesday at 21.00.

A real gift awaits moviegoers. The channel has already conquered its audience, also due to the rating movies. This season, the YASNAe TV collection will be replenished with the films “Silver Skates”, “Fire”, “Podolsk Cadets”, “A Couple from the Future”, “Chernobyl” and others. The air will also include the cult films “Brother”, “Brother 2”, “Boomer”, “Boomer the second film”and the cartoon series “The Three Bogatyrs”,“Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf ”.

Turn on “YASNAe TV” - it will be interesting!