New thematic package Discovery

Dear subscribers!
RUE Beltelecom continues to study the interest of ZALA subscribers to various television channels. Therefore, from 01.08.2019 you are offered the opportunity of TV channels test viewing included in the new thematic package Discovery: Discovery HD, Animal Planet HD, Eurosport 1 HD, Eurosport 2 HD, Investigation Discovery HD (ID HD), Discovery Science HD (SCI HD), TLC, DTX (Discovery Turbo Xtra) HD».

In order to watch TV channels, you need to connect the Discovery theme package in one of the following ways: in the «My Beltelecom» application, through your user’s account or by contacting the Beltelecom service center.

Payment for viewing the thematic package of channels in the period from 01.08.2019 to 31.10.2019 is not charged. Enjoy watching!

Discovery Channel (Europe) (HD) includes popular science programs and documentaries, stories about nature and the environment, the world of science and technology, history puzzles, brave travels and amazing discoveries. The channel brilliantly manages to combine the seriousness of the approach to the issues under consideration with a purely entertaining and laid-back style of narration. The channel is presented in high definition television.

Animal Planet HD is a high-definition entertainment channel for animals and wildlife from Discovery Communications Europe Limited. The channel’s programs include impressive footage of the inhabitants of the oceans, birds, animals, reptiles from all over the world. As well as transmission cycles about cheetahs, lions, elephants that inhabit African national parks, the rarest representatives of the animal kingdom of Australia, and many other things.

TLC is a Discovery family entertainment television channel targeted at a female audience. TLC programs cover topics such as fashion and lifestyle, cooking, parenting, travel, weddings.

Investigation Discovery HD (ID HD) is an entertainment channel with programs about investigating real crimes, fatal love stories, mysterious disappearances, riddles of forensics, high-profile scandals related to famous people, and so on. What unites these programs is that they are always dynamic, intriguing, fascinating and leave no one indifferent.

DTX (Discovery Turbo Xtra) HD is a television channel addressed to a male audience aged 18–45. Key topics are cars and everything that has an engine, sports, extreme entertainment, deals and money, bad guys, and also food like a man. DTX presents both its own original content and Eurosport production shows, including reports from the championship on highway-ring racing and others.

Discovery Science HD (SCI HD) is a science and technology, research, discovery and invention. A channel for fans to solve secrets, suggest, put forward and challenge the hypotheses about the origin of the Cosmos, man and everything existing on Earth.

Eurosport 1 HD - HD version of the pan-European sports channel Eurosport 1 in high definition image format. The broadcasts of the largest international competitions in various sports, information and analytical programs, sports review are presented on the air.

Eurosport 2 HD - HD version of the pan-European sports channel Eurosport 2 in high definition image format. The channel has more than 2,200 premiere hours of sports per year. More than 50% of the programs are content not featured on the Eurosport HD channel. Eurosport 2 HD offers a wide range of winter and summer sports: freestyle, ice hockey, skiing, biathlon, snowboarding, basketball, cycling, valeyball, tennis, extreme sports and so on. The channel focuses on the largest world events in team sports: NHL, FIFA Womens World Cup, Cup of African nations, World Snooker, etc.