Parental Control for Mobile Devices - Protect your kids from inappropriate content on the Internet

Summer vacation continues. Children have a lot of free time, which they often spend on the Internet.

Modern gadgets have become part of the life of adolescents. With smartphones and tablets everywhere, parents need to think about how to keep minors safe on the Internet. How to protect schoolchildren from extremism, cruelty, propaganda of alcohol and other content not intended for children's perception? Beltelecom offers “Parental Control” - a convenient solution for mobile devices.

Parental Control for mobile devices is a subscription to licensed software for smartphones and tablets that protects children from online threats and inappropriate content.

Monitoring site visits, limiting the time of use, determining the location of the child and other features. At the same time - simple and convenient settings. The functionality of the service will help control the online activity of the child and ensure access only to age-appropriate content.

Where can I activate Parental Control? At the service centers of Beltelecom or independently in the application “My Beltelecom”.

You can get a consultation at the service center or by calling 123, the call is free from fixed and mobile phones.