“Sport” catalogue appeared in the ZALA IPTV video library

Dear subscribers!

Video library of interactive television ZALA replenished with the catalogue "Sport". At the moment, all releases of the program "Clear about football", which is broadcast on the YASNAe TV channel, are available to users in this catalogue. In the future, the catalog will be filled with other sports content.

Go to the “Sport” selection from the ZALA main menu. Access to the catalogue is free.

Enjoy your viewing!

“Clear about Football” is a classic review of the Belarus Football Championship tour. Well-known sports journalist Nikolai Khodasevich together with an expert present a detailed analysis of each round, which allows the viewer to get a complete picture of what is happening in Belarusian football. The broadcast also includes interviews from home and post-match conferences, flash interviews, highlights of matches and much more.

The program “Clear about Football” is broadcast live on Mondays on the YASNAe TV channel at 21-00.