Two new charging stations have appeared in the Evika network

Two electric charging stations Evika appeared in Minsk at 27 Rokossovsky ave. and 33 Gazeta Zvyazda ave.

These are two-operator stations, 2 x 22 kW, from which two electric cars or cars with a hybrid engine can be charged at the same time. It takes 4 to 8 hours to fully charge the battery with AC current.

Thus, there are already 18 addresses in the Evika network:

  • in the city of Minsk: st. Burdeyny, 2; st. Sevastopolskaya, 121; 129/1 Independence Ave.; st. Yesenina, 68; st. Matusevicha, 13; st. Stakhanovskaya, 25A; st. Mendeleeva, 13; st. Iskalieva, 12/1; st. Kuntsevshchina, 12; st. Raduzhnaya, 8/1; st. Gebeleva, 7; st. Asanalieva, 42a; st. Slesarnaya, 18; 27 Rokossovsky ave. and 33 Gazeta Zvyazda ave.
  • in Pinsk, st. Zaslonova, 15;
  • in Soligorsk, st. Mira, 40;
  • in Novopolotsk, st. Yakub Kolas, 14.

Beltelecom will continue to install electric charging stations in Minsk and other cities of Belarus to make charging affordable and convenient for all owners of electric vehicles. More charging stations means more options for electric vehicle travel and less pollution.

How to recharge? You need to install the ISKRA* mobile application and follow the menu instructions. The application will also help you find the nearest charging station and get directions to it, find out the technical parameters of the session, monitor the progress of charging, view the session history.

The cost of the service is 0.4 rubles. per 1 kWh. You can pay with cards of the most popular payment systems.

The ISKRA application is available for download in the App Store for IOS and Google play for Android.