"YASNA 35 Home + Dacha" - modern home services, digital terrestrial TV at the dacha

The vacation time begins, and many people enjoy spending summer days outside the city - at the dacha or in the countryside.

With the service package "YASNA 35 Home + Dacha" you can use modern telecommunication services at home and spend time comfortably at the dacha with ZALA on-air television. This means that you can always watch your favorite shows and movies in excellent digital quality, even outside the city.

A distinctive feature of the "YASNA 35 Home + Dacha" service package is the presence of ZALA on-air television.

The service package "YASNA 35 House + Dacha" includes:

  • access to the Internet at speeds up to 35 Mbit/s for reception and up to 17.5 Mbit/s for transmission;
  • unlimited access to public Wi-Fi hotspots "byflyWIFI" and "BELTELECOM" using valid details;
  • telephone communication on the terms of unlimited duration of telephone connections over the network of RUE Beltelecom with the additional CLIP service;
  • interactive television ZALA on the terms of the tariff plan "ZALA: All Inclusive";
  • ZALA terrestrial television on the terms of the "Standard TV" tariff plan.

The package is provided to subscribers - individuals connected using GPON technology, if there is a technical possibility of connecting terrestrial television (households are in the coverage area of terrestrial television broadcasting).

We also remind you that the tariff plan "ZALA: All Inclusive" of interactive television ZALA includes unlimited free access to all catalogs of the "Video by Subscription" service.

You can activate the service package by contacting the sales service by phone or by e-mail.

Subscribers can order additional services (thematic TV packages, turbo button, etc.) through the My Beltelecom application, in the user's account, as well as in the company's service centers.