“YASNAe TV” channel presents a new sports project “Clearly About Football”

On March 23, the viewers will see the first run of the analytical program “Clearly About Football” on the air of the “YASNAe TV” channel.

Clearly about football” is a classic review of the Football Championship R ound of the Republic of Belarus. Presenting the TV channel, we promised that YASNAe TV would not disregard the interests of the multi-thousand audience of sports fans. As of today, football, hockey and e-sports broadcasts won their viewers on the channel. And here is one more good news - we are presenting a new project for football fans,”says Sergey Turomsha, Deputy General Director for Commercial Issues of RUE Beltelecom. “Fans will receive yet more expert opinions and comments. Moreover, the format of the program involves interactive with the audience. I hope our program will unite everyone who lives with football!”

Nikolai Khodasevich, famous sports journalist, together with an expert will present a detailed analysis of each round, and this will allow a viewer to get a complete picture of the situation in Belarusian football. Interviews from pre-and post-match press-conferences, flash interviews, the most exciting moments of matches and etc will be broadcasted. Oleg Dulub, a former coach of BATE, will be the guest of the first program.

In the studio we will talk about the trends in football within the championship of the Republic of Belarus , discuss differences between the teams , figure out why unpredictable situations occurs. For example, in the first round, none of the leaders managed to win! We will view football players - the most noticeable and bright ,” shares Nikolay Khodasevich the details of the new program. I hope a viewer will like our program.YASNAe TV makes a big emphasis on showing Belarusian football. And now, in addition to broadcasts and studio broadcasts from matches, an independent informational and analytical project appeared . Get involved, we’ll talk together about our football!

The program “Clearly about football” will be broadcasted at 9 p.m. Fans will be able to ask questions and suggest interesting topics in Beltelecom community on VKontakte social network. The host Nikolai Khodasevich will discuss the most relevant topics with an expert at the studio.