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«Provision of Wi-Fi Network for Use
Today, Wi-Fi networks exist almost everywhere. Subscribers are used to connecting to free Wi-Fi networks in cafes, hotels, and during major events.
However, often the owners of cafes and small hotels forget or are not aware of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated 01.02.2010 No. 60. In accordance with the above Decree, Internet users information shall be stored for one year and provided to authorized bodies.
To meet the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, RUE Beltelecom renders the service “Provision of Wi-Fi Network for Use”. Using this service, you get:
1. Branded network, that is own name of the network, as well as a branded authorization portal with your logos, background image and banners.
2. Implementation of the law.
RUE Beltelecom offers organization and provision of Internet access using Wi-Fi technology on Home Wi-Fi and Cisco Wi-Fi networks. Depending on the needs of the customer, the service “Provision of Wi-Fi Network for Use” can be implemented in the following options:
1. Creation of Wi-Fi network with the provision of Beltelecom equipment.
2. Connecting customer equipment to the authorization system of RUE Beltelecom via the data network.
The service “Provision of Wi-Fi Network for Use”, regardless of which network it is implemented on, provides for the use of an individual access point name (SSID) in accordance with the wishes of the customer.
Both service options on the Home Wi-Fi network require the use of virtual card details for Internet access. For end users, Internet access is provided by means of authorization of access details (“login-password”). Internet access conditions are determined by the terms of the card's tariff plan.
Both service options on Cisco Wi-Fi network involve the provision of prepaid Wi-Fi access to their customers through an authorization portal. Internet access for end users is carried out through the authorization portal using the generated PIN code received on the mobile phone number.
Also, for both service options organized on the Cisco Wi-Fi network, a range of free additional services is provided: branding the portal start page, redirect, viewing user statistics, setting banners, adding news to the portal main page, handling feedbacks, generating a PIN code for connections with a predefined access speed, setting the PIN code validity period, managing locations, providing API (for embedding the PIN generator in third-party systems). The following paid services are available: "SMS-informing", "Display Advertising", "User Activity Monitoring".
Refer to the Service Procedure for all the essential terms of service provision.

The service is available for individuals, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

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