To the attention of the corporate clients

The services of Beltelecom have become even closer to customers - in April, a new services sales group began its work, focused on work with legal entities in Minsk.

Beltelecom offers corporate clients (legal entities) a full range of modern telecommunication services. The scope of their application is wide: in various fields, in business of any scale, new technological solutions can significantly increase effectiveness. Taking into account the individual tasks of each client, Beltelecom is ready to implement integrated solutions and fully satisfy the needs of the office, enterprise or production in communication services. Herewith, the specialists of the company make every effort so that those who wish can quickly connect the services, get qualified consultation or help in choosing the right solutions.

The services sales group will provide the necessary consultations on provision, conclusion and maintenance of subscribers agreements for services provided in the International Switching Center of RUE Beltelecom:

- provision of long-distance/international channels;

- hosting in the Data processing center;

- sound amplification and events scoring;

- video conference;

- interactive survey, etc.

If necessary, a consultation with technical specialists can be arranged.

The service sales group is located in the building of the International Switching Center at the following address: 55, Zakharova St., office 107. Business hours: Monday - Friday from 8.30 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Detailed information will be provided by tel.: (017) 217 15 15; (017) 217 16 14; (017) 217 16 13 or email: