Digitalization of education: Beltelecom and the Ministry of Education agreed on cooperation

Beltelecom and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus signed a cooperation agreement. On November 15, 2022, the document was signed by the General Director of the enterprise Yuri Petruchenya and the Minister of Education Andrey Ivanets.

The cooperation of the leading telecommunications operator with educational institutions has been going on for many years. The agreement will give the work a systematic character: the parties confirmed their interest in jointly developing digital technologies and innovative approaches in the field of education.

Yuri PETRUCHENYA, General Director of RUE Beltelecom:

- Beltelecom is a center of competence in the creation of telecommunications infrastructure and the implementation of complex digital projects. Today we are joining forces to jointly solve the urgent problems of modern education. We are actively discussing with partners various initiatives aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of the educational process. I am convinced that the signed agreement will become an impetus for the successful implementation of all the plans.

Andrey IVANETS, Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus:

– The Ministry of Education already has a good basis for cooperation with Beltelecom. We are interested in the important issues that today face all levels of the education system. Firstly, it is the provision of safety conditions. The second direction is the creation of an electronic educational space. Beltelecom is also a leader in the creation of modern fiber optic networks. I believe that we need to develop cooperation with the leader in our field in order to step forward together and create the necessary educational environment for the future.

The partners' attention is focused on creating a "smart and safe educational institution." This is a complex ecosystem of the future, which will allow the development of such promising projects as "Smart class", "My School", "My University" and others.

Beltelecom has created a solid foundation for e-education and digital services. 100% of urban secondary schools are provided with fiber-optic communication lines, the construction of modern networks to rural educational institutions continues.

On the basis of fiber-optic networks, video monitoring systems, video conferencing, Wi-Fi, local area networks and other services are being introduced in educational institutions. The accumulated experience allows us to implement a turnkey telecommunications project of any scale.

Another example of successful cooperation was the launch of the My University mobile application at the Minsk State Linguistic University. With its help, applicants can follow the course of the admission campaign, students can study the schedule, receive notifications about changes in classes, and send requests to the dean's office. The application has been running for less than two months, and the number of downloads has already exceeded 5.5 thousand and continues to grow!

Promising areas of cooperation are also the use of the ZALA platform for remote access to multimedia educational content, the use of the resource of the YASNAe TV channel, the scaling of the My University project, etc.