“MegaHIT” and “The Best” - new film catalogs of the “Video on Demand” service of ZALA IPTV

On April 20, the “Video on Demand” service of the interactive television ZALA was replenished with new film catalogs - “MegaHIT” and “Best”.

“MegaHIT” includes top-rated latest releases of the past years. “The Best” catalog includes the most popular films and cartoons of the previous years.

The catalogs feature works by the world famous studios: Warner Bros. Entertainment, Disney, 20th Century, Universal, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate.

The proceeding to new film collections is performed from the main menu of the interactive television ZALA: the current list of video materials is presented in the “Video Library” tab in the “Movies” folder.

The cost of one film from “MegaHIT” catalog is 3.5 rubles, from “the Best” catalog is 2.45 rubles. After the order, the content is available to the subscriber within 48 hours.

Enjoy your viewing!