New television channels in ZALA IPTV and SMART ZALA

Dear subscribers!

On March 17, 2020, the broadcasting of the television channels “Dikij” (in test mode), “History”, “H2” and “Vector TV” started in the basic and extended packages of the interactive television ZALA.

The television channel “History” is also included in the basic package of “Kanapa TV” SMART ZALA.

Pleasant viewing!

"Dikij" is a television channel about hunting and fishing as a hobby and vibrant lifestyle, restoring a person’s connection with wildlife. The inexhaustible variety of hunting and fishing types, unique shootings in the most beautiful and popular hunting and fishing places around the world, testing of fishing gear and weapons, fishing and hunting cookery - all this makes the channel interesting for both experienced fishermen and hunters, as well as for beginners.

“History” is a television channel that offers viewers documentary series about our contemporaries, stories about the fate of people, special programs devoted to the most significant artifacts of ancient and modern history, programs about wars and crises, famous people, scientific discoveries, technologies and cultural achievements that played an important role in the development of modern civilization.

“H2” is a fascinating educational channel where information is entertainment. It presents information in innovative ways, draws amazing parallels that create an entirely new interpretation of history. The television channel puts history in the context of pop culture and the modern world.

“Vector TV” is a television channel that reflects the main events of the life of the city Novopolotsk, special projects dedicated to the Year of the Small Motherland . Promotes a healthy lifestyle, compliance with the law and order. The audience is also offered films and series, unique documentary videos, entertainment programs, news and analytics.