Releases of the program “In the Public Domain” are available in the ZALA IPTV video library

Dear subscribers!

Video library of interactive television ZALA replenished with the catalogue "Special Projects". Currently, several releases of the program “In the Public Domain are available to users in this catalogue. As the program goes on air, the catalogue will be added with the next releases.

The “Special Projects” collection is available from ZALA main menu. Access to the catalogue is free of charge.

Enjoy your viewing!

In the Public Domain” is an analytical project dedicated to IT-topics, the world of innovation, telecommunications and digital technologies. Its goal is to popularize the achievements of the domestic IT industry and the telecommunications sector, to highlight the main trends in development of digital society. I t will provide viewers the possibility to learn about industry updates , promising services, start-ups beneficial to both the ordinary consumer and the country as a whole.

The program “In the Public Domain” is broadcast live on Thursdays on the YASNAe TV channel at 21-00 with a repeat on Tuesdays at 9-00.