Wired access channel

An access channel is a service for provision a communication channel for use between the equipment of a Subscriber located outside the access node of RUE Beltelecom and the nearest access node of RUE Beltelecom.

The «Access Channel» service is provided only in addition to telecommunication services, for which it is necessary to bring communication channels to the Subscriber. Such services include: Provision of channels and paths for use, VPN (combining corporate networks via IP protocol) and broadband Internet access (when organized via fiber optic links).
The service “Access Channel” can be organized by RUE Beltelecom on linear facilities using both its own terminal equipment and the equipment of the Subscriber.

The access channel (last mile) is organized in one of the following ways:
- using a symmetrical copper core cable;
- using fiber optic cable.
An access channel based on radio communication equipment can be implemented as a separately allocated service uniting two remote subscriber points (without reference to the Beltelecom infrastructure).


In accordance with applicable law, tariffs are set excluding value added tax. Value added tax is levied in accordance with applicable law.
Applied from January 1, 2022
Name of services Tariff excluding value added tax, rubles
3.10 Provision of access channels for use:  
3.10.1 organization of the access channel, for the service 108,00
3.10.2 provision of access channel up to 3 km, per month: - without the provision of transmission terminal equipment 6,30 - with the provision of transmission terminal equipment at the communication center of RUE Beltelecom 11,40 - with the provision of transmission terminal equipment at the Beltelecom communication center and at the user 16,70 - when organizing an access channel with a length of more than three km, per one km 2,00