Children’s summer recreation camp «Rodnichok»

Children’s summer recreation camp «Rodnichok» of the Branch «Minsk city telephone exchange» of RUE Beltelecom is located at the distance of 45 km from Minsk Ring Road by Minsk-Grodno road in the village Borok of Volozhin region.

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«Rodnichok» was under reconstruction from 2005 till 2008.
In 2009 at the review contest organized by the Republic Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium-Resort Treatment of the population, Children’s summer recreation camp «Rodnichok» won the II place in the nomination «Best recreation camp». Each residential block has its own name:

The pink one - "Floral"                        The blue one - "Marine"

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The  green one - "Forest"                        The yellow one - "Sunny"
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        Today the summer recreation camp is a modern complex, which consists of 4 residential buildings a canteen, a medical corpus, a meeting pavilion, a concert ground and a large sports complex with a stadium, volleyball and basketball courts, tennis courts and gyms.

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Children’s summer recreation camp «Rodnichok» can accept 240 children at the same time. Children live in convenient and comfortable rooms per 2-4 persons. Corpuses are equipped with modern furniture and accessories, there are laundry and drying rooms. Game rooms are equipped with tv-sets, refrigerators, furniture. Constant hot water supply and heating is provided.
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 Children not only from all over the Republic of Belarus, but also from the city of Sendai (Jepan) come to rest to our summer recreation camp. They feel comfortable and have fun there.

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We look forward to seeing your children at our summer recreation camp «Rodnichok»!