Service "Elite number"

While selecting  "Elite number" a subscriber has the opportunity to select from the list of free numbers of a telephone exchange that supplies him or shall supply (primary connection). The "Elite number" service is provided as during the primary connection to the telephone network of RUE Beltelecom and when a subscriber desires to change previously allocated number.
The price for number allocation depends on its level.

The entire numbering of the present network of RUE Beltelecom is divided on 4 levels:
1st level of numbers – 5-7 are the same digits of the number together, or 4 last digits are zero, or a set of the same digits with break, or two groups of 4 and 2-3 same digits (examples for Minsk: 2222222, 2470000, 2223222, 3333555).
2nd level of numbers – same 4 last digits or 4 first digits, or a set of four same digits with break, or 3 last digits are zero, or all the numbers coincide by pairs, or 2 identical triples, or mirror image, or 2-3 identical digits and 4 coincide by pairs, or 2 centesimal digits (examples for Minsk: 2065555, 2233322, 2985000, 2989898, 2333444, 3200023, 2225353, 2100400).
3d level of numbers – the same 3 last digits or digits coincide by pairs (2 pairs), or digits coincide by triplet, or digits in sequence (example for Minsk: 2067111, 2061515, 2065065, 2345678);
4th level of numbers – all the rest numbers not related to the above listed levels.