Payphone Service

Payphones "AGAT" provide local (city), long distance and international telephone services. They accept telephone cards for 60, 120 tariff units. Billing is per minute. Depending on the destination point, a certain number of tariff units is written off from the calling card. Calls made to emergency numbers, such as 101, 102, 103, 104 are free of charge.

Payphones provide the following services:

  • Local, long distance and international telephone services;
  • Access to the operators of cellular mobile network of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Beltelecom`s directory-inquiry services;
  • Collect calls ("A Convenient Call from a Payphone");
  • Receiving an incoming call to a payphone;
  • Card account and service telephone card

You can purchase telephone calling cards at Beltelecom’s shared service centres, Belsoyuzpechat kiosks, Belpochta kiosks, and Belpochta offices.

Defective phone cards can be exchanged at the following addresses (in Minsk):
- 7, Gebeleva Str
- 13, Matusevicha Str
- 87, Starovilenskaya Str