Dedicated lines and channels

RUE Beltelecom provides channels and paths for use both throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus and beyond its boarders.
The service “Provision channels and paths for use” will allow you to organize reliable communication between computer and information networks of any geographical orientation: local, long-distance and international.
Due to the extensive network, RUE Beltelecom has the ability to combine geographically remote offices (units) of the enterprise into a single secure corporate network.
Channel capacities from 64 kbps to 140 Mbps can be provided. If necessary, we will provide you with faster local channels.
In addition to the main channels, Beltelecom RUE provides the «Access Channel service», which allows you to organize a communication channel (part of the channel) between the Subscriber’s equipment located outside the RUE Beltelecom access node and the nearest RUE Beltelecom access node.